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Wellness Coaching: 21-Day Whole Foods Cleanse (Group)

Wellness Coaching: 21-Day Whole Foods Cleanse (Group)

This dedicated three-week program for up to 24 people will provide guidance and support to establish a healthy, clean lifestyle for all participants.  This is a wholly natural reset in which you eat delicious meals and never feel hungry.  There is no radical dieting or juice-only cleansing.  Rather, we establish a balance diet of healthy and clean proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. This, along with some easy self-care activities, will purge toxins from your body, boosting your physical energy and mental focus.  By stepping through this cleanse you will learn about and experience how nutrition can be a cornerstone of your well-being throughout your life. 

  • What You Receive

    When you sign up for the Black Lotus Community Reset Cleanse, within two business days you will receive an email giving you access to: 

    • The Black Lotus 21-Day Cleanse Guide
    • The Black Lotus Cleanse Friendly Recipe Guide
    • Access to the 2021 Reset Cleanse Private Facebook Group through which you can ask questions, share experiences, and get additional tips on how to establish healthy habits that will endure long past the end of the cleanse. 
    • Invitations to live, Sunday morning online meetings that help prepare you for the upcoming weekly goals.  
  • Scheduling, Questions, and Refund Policy

    For scheduling and additional questions, please email us at: We will get back to you within two business days. 

    Because we give you full access to all the cleanse materials and the accompanying private Facebook at the time of purchase, no refunds are provided. 

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