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Black Lotus



Black Lotus LLC was established in 2017 to help clients achieve superior results through precision planning and execution. 

Headquartered in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C., Black Lotus is a small business with an international network of commercial partners with expertise in talent management, information technology, operations management, as well as in business development research, analysis, and strategic planning.  We give our clients the up-close-and-personal support they need, while bringing industry-best solutions to their unique concerns and challenges.  

Our network features National Security experts who hold high-level security clearances, thereby allowing them to work the hardest intelligence problems facing the nation today.  

No matter where you need to go in the world of business outcomes, Black Lotus can help you get there.




Mark Bellamah, founder and president of Black Lotus, has served as a manager in the National Security sector for more than 30 years.  With experience as an executive manager in both the Federal Government and private industry, Mr. Bellamah brings thought leadership and a diverse, global network of experts to bear on every problem he works.  

A seasoned enterprise-level leader who has headed strategic planning and tactical execution in large organizations, Mr. Bellamah has a history of delivering successful business outcomes. In doing so, he has distinguished himself in the following areas:

Executive Director – Senior Federal and corporate leader with success running large programs in excess of 1,000 people and hundreds of millions of dollars

Operational Leader – Proficient in leading technical, operational, and analytic organizations, including experience managing diverse workforces and facilities in Europe, Latin America, and Asia

Strategist – Demonstrated success in building new business with the Federal Government, along with industry experience in strategic planning, resource management, human capital management, quality assurance and performance measures, project management, and corporate governance

Coach and Instructor - Certified coach with experience advancing the careers, health, and lives of executive clients. Adept in tailored workshop and course development and delivery for leaders and mid-level managers. 


The Black Lotus Ethos

At Black Lotus, we partner with our clients to create ways of doing business that are both effective and aligned to a right way of being:


Simplicity. Goals, plans, actions -- symmetry, balance, success


Patience.  Knowing that strategy, action plans, and execution naturally flow from each other and inform one another in the next cycle


Compassion. Having the courage to achieve success via non-zero sum outcomes; going beyond win-win to create results that move organizations forward in the collective

Black Lotus is a fully insured limited liability company registered in the state of Virginia 

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