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A Comprehensive Approach

We specialize in helping our partners develop corporate strategies that drive customer satisfaction, organizational effectiveness, and corporate growth.


Business Development

We provide keen insight into the national security sector, helping clients grow organically by identifying and building new markets, adjacencies, and partnerships.  Along with crafting actionable go-to-market strategies, we distinguish ourselves by rolling up our sleeves and directly supporting capture and proposal development efforts.  We also support more aggressive M&A strategies through due diligence and research that provides insight into a potential target's  capabilities, reputation, and standing in the sector.


Organizational Effectiveness

At Black Lotus, we become one with our clients to understand what makes their organization special.  Our goal is to enhance the efficacy of their structures, processes, and most important, their people. We help leadership communicate and shape their organization's ethos, drivers, and culture.
If you have vexing or systemic challenges in your organization, please ask us how we might help.


Cultural Develpment

We take a holistic approach to help you advance a culture of success by balancing five areas of emphasis:

Vision - Using stories and concepts to describe a future and create basic rules by which to steer

Alignment and Teamwork - Identifying and emphasizing common needs, interests, and goals

Delegation - Anyone can make good decisions and act responsibly if provided the right information and authority

The Learning Organization - Win some, learn some. Give people the opportunity to fail and they will... and then they won't

Measure for Measure - Metrics are key to the success of every organization.  If something defies measurement it does not exist, and whatever you measure will go up. So be mindful in choosing metrics.  The right metrics are essential to achieving the right outcomes

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