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Expert Guidance

We help executives transform their leadership through a whole-life approach to success in the areas of health, career, relationships, wealth, and purpose.

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How you do one thing is how you do everything. At Black Lotus, we realize that leadership doesn't begin and end in the boardroom.  We have a four-tiered model to help you build a foundation for lifelong achievement rooted in healthy habits.  From there, we work on the professional and personal relationships that nourish the whole person before moving onto strategies for maximizing wealth and resources.  All along this journey, we work together to refine your sense of purpose as it guides your decisions, behavior, and goals, providing a sense of direction, meaning, and a North Star by which you can navigate.


"With my coach I was able to tackle the complexities of leading organizational change.  Mark's experience, leadership, insights, ability to listen and offer advice and validate perspectives provided an additional vantage point to the solution space, which proved to be invaluable."


“I enjoyed running ideas and questions by [my coach]. It was nice revealing and developing qualities about myself. I needed the extra encouragement to continue chasing my dreams."


“I sought Mark's assistance during a period of unknown in terms of my career direction [and] Mark was extremely helpful aiding my focus.... I recently competed for a highly competitive assignment and was selected. I firmly believe it was the opportunity I had working with Mark that enabled me to interview and compete so successfully."


“Mark is a deep well of knowledge... and it shows in his interactions with his clients and his encouragement to keep digging deep on what the client really needs. I learned a lot from this experience.  [It] gave me a ton of material that I can go back to and reflect upon in order to continue my 'self-improvement' journey."



Off-the-shelf individual and group coaching sessions and packages are available in the Black Lotus Shop.  If you have questions or desire a more tailored experience, please contact us for a consultation to discuss how we can help you and your team. 


Understanding expectations on both sides of the coaching relationship is vital to a successful experience.  Please take a moment to review the agreements we make with our clients. 

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