Single Coaching Session

Single Coaching Session

One hour of executive, life, or health coaching around your personal and professional goals.  Price is all inclusive of prep and follow-up. For OTR conversations (see below), the session lasts 90 minutes. 

  • Initial OTR Session

    The "OTR" or "open the relationship" conversation is a discussion about how you want to transform into your most powerful self in terms of both your professional and personal life.   During this 90-minute conversation we will step through a series of questions specifically designed to uncover your goals and the challenges you’re experiencing -- i.e., what's NOT going well -- and determining how best to move ahead to leverage your inherent strengths to help you achieve your goals. 


    During this conversation, you will: 

    • Discover your vision for your career, life, and well-being
    • Explore what’s stopping, slowing, or preventing you from having what you want, so you know what to do to move forward
    • Give you a chance to decide whether Black Lotus coaching is a good fit for you, so that together we can decide on the next steps -- whether those include executive coaching or some other way forward
    • Finally, there is no way you can mess this up. The process is straightforward, easy, and guaranteed to deliver some powerful breakthroughs.  This is an opportunity to take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy the conversation