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2021 Reset & Renewal Cleanse

Coming: 21 Feb - 14 Mar

Please join us for the Black Lotus Reset & Renewal community cleanse, starting in February. Back by client request, we are offering this year's cleanse for $100 per person.  The 50% discount off previous years' pricing is our way of encouraging health and well-being during these trying times of Covid. 

Our 21-day, whole foods community cleanse is a great way to reestablish a healthy baseline and find more energy.  While not guaranteed, many of our clients have lost weight naturally by following the cleanse's easy nutritional and self-care guidelines. 

When you sign up for the cleanse, you will receive a downloadable document that provides access to: 

  1. Baseline documents that prepare you for and support you throughout the cleanse; these include the Black Lotus Cleanse Guide and our Cleanse-Friendly Recipes e-book

  2. Our private Facebook Group where you can learn and receive ongoing support from the cleanse community

  3. Four online group coaching sessions held at 10am every Sunday during the cleanse

Neither a fad diet nor a juice-only exercise, this healthy cleanse is a pathway to release toxins and inflammation, reset your digestive system, and renew your energy baseline. You will learn how food affects the way you feel, how to honor your body’s unique needs, and how to activate your natural healing potential.

For more details, check out the 21-Day Reset Cleanse quick view in the Black Lotus Shop. We would love to have you join us!


 whole vegetables, leafy greens
 whole fruits, berries, lemon water
 brown rice, quinoa
 beans, legumes, lentils
 nuts, seeds, & nut butters
 avocado oil & coconut oil
 green tea, yerba mate
 fish, chicken, and turkey
 stevia


gluten (wheat, barley, spelt, rye)


beef, pork, sausage, cold cuts, eggs

corn, soy


dried fruit

coffee, soda, alcohol

sugar including artificial sweeteners and honey

So what's a whole foods cleanse? 


The big question on many people’s minds when they begin a whole foods cleanse is “What will I eat?” Free your imagination. Simple, clean foods are easy to prepare and easy to digest. Focus on what you get to have rather than what you don’t get to have. Enjoy spending time and thought on the food you eat and how you eat it!


The cleanse is primarily designed as a plant-based hypoallergenic diet.  If you prefer to include animal protein, stick with fish and poultry only during the cleanse.  You can use stevia in moderation, and no other sweeteners are permitted. 

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