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Video Blog: 30-Second Feet-Hands-Head Reset

My executive coaching clients often talk of times when they felt anxiety while sitting in board meetings, or finding themselves "on stage" in one form or another. Perhaps their emotions had been triggered by a topic, a remark, or an opinion expressed by someone else, or they were experiencing "stage fright" or fretting about how they were being seen by others.

One technique that works for many of them is a quick, 30-second feet-to-hands-to-head scan. The only prerequisite to applying this technique is an ability to remain still for about a half-minute. During that time, they briefly focus their conscious minds on the feelings and sensations in three parts of their body – namely, their feet, their hands, and their head.

Check out the video blog below for details on how the Feet-Hands-Head Reset can help you reestablish calm and reground you in the present... and do so in the most public of places.

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